Hill Country State Natural Area


Kelly on Saturday’s hike. Photo by Judy.

Destination: Hill Country State Natural Area

Date: February 8 & 9, 2014

Travel Time from Austin: 2 hours 30 minutes

Participants: Bettina, Kelly, Judy, Maria, Sheila, Suzanne


Scenic overlook on Saturday hike. (L-R) Kelly, Suzanne, Judy, Bettina, Sheila. Photo by Maria.

Campsite: Walk-in Campsite Area (Chaquita Falls) #125, 126. We felt like we had the place to ourselves, it was worth the walk-in!

Saturday Hike: Maybe 5 miles (see map below) It was beautiful and rugged with lots of loose rock on some parts of the trail. Very West Texas without the drive to Big Bend.

Sunday Hike: This trail  takes off from the campsite and is scenic but not as dramatic as the Saturday hike. We hiked about 3.5 miles.

Here’s a link to the park’s map. Below is a detail of the map with our hikes highlighted:


Bird of the Trip: We woke up to the sounds of Wild Turkeys! They really do say “gobble-gobble”!

Camp Food: Bettina brought Tortilla Soup from Whole Foods. It was delicious and put some spice in a chilly night! Kelly made a very tasty Kale Salad.


See more photos from the Hill Country State Natural Area here.

6 thoughts on “Hill Country State Natural Area

  1. Hello! I just found out about Hike Camp Hike and would love to know more! I know Maria and have met Judy Paul (my son went to SCAD and we talked about her daughter going there). Thanks Tina

    • Hi Tina, good hearing from you! I’m Judy and yes, I remember meeting you through Maria – I’m the blogger of the group. Right now we are just a group of friends that goes camping once a month somewhere close to Austin and then I post about it here to help others with information on doing the same. We are thinking of doing something where we let people know when and where we are going and they are welcome to make reservations and join us. I can put you on the list of people to notify if you’d like. Right now we have 5-6 people with their camping gear in one car so any more people and we have to go to additional cars and camping sites. Anyway, good hearing from you and we’ll keep you posted on future plans.

  2. Good info and thanks for your route info supported by the photos. I was wondering if the double-track trails were to avoided, but it looks like they were very hiker-friendly.

  3. I really like how you highlighted the trail map into the sections that you hiked each day. The trail is difficult to follow sometimes so it helps clear out which direction to go!

    I posted a blog about the same trail on thehikinginitiative.com

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