Hike. Camp. Hike. is a hiking group started by 5 female friends in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to stay happy and sane by going on monthly hiking/camping trips culminating in a yearly Really Big Hiking and Camping ADVENTURE (all-caps-on-purpose). Throughout the year we put away money each month for the big trip along with plan and participate in the monthly over night trips around the Austin, Tx area. Our criteria for the monthly trips is the that it be within 3 hours from Austin and have hiking trails of at least 5-7 miles. We leave on Saturdays between 10 and noon and return around noon on Sunday. Yay!

Judy Paul

Kelly Fitzgibbon

Bettina Wolf-Muller

Maria Arrellaga

Suzanne Kho

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I came across your blog while searching the WordPress reader for some stuff on Texas. I spent four years in Dallas going to grad school and I was often frustrated finding places to hike. When I discovered the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma, I found my sanctuary and I was surprised how few Texans knew about these awesome mountains. It is a bit out of your three hour radius, but it is totally worth the effort to get up there!

    • Think “buffalo” instead of “bear”, for hazards. That area is a nice getaway, and Medicine Park is the closest thing Oklahoma has to a Wimberley. But with gas at $3.50/gallon, flying anywhere from Austin may make more sense.

  2. Greetings from one of your acquaintances on your latest Really Big Hiking and Camping ADVENTURE in King’s Canyon. I hope your trip home was a safe one and that all of you are well. Don’t forget, you have an open invitation to hike at Henry Coe State Park (and post-BBQ dinner at Trail Dust in Morgan Hill) the next time you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area. I hope you don’t wait long to cash it in 😉 Can’t wait to see your newest postings about Rae Lakes Loop. And thanks for sharing your time/lunch with me at Cedar Grove!

    • Thank you Rich from all of us – Judy, Bettina, Maria, Suzanne and Kelly! We enjoyed celebrating the end of our adventure with you! I will pass on to the group the open invitation. We plan to do some visiting in CA again soon.

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