Lake Somerville State Park & Trailway

Destination: Lake Somerville State Park & Trailway

Date: June 1 and 2nd, 2013

Travel Time from Austin: 1.45 hours

Participants: Bettina, Kelly, Judy, Maria, Suzanne

Saturday Hike: Started on Lake Somerville Trailway from Nails Creek Unit hiked towards Flag Pond – out and back for about a 6 mile hike.

Sunday Hike: It started raining early Sunday morning so we didn’t hike on Sunday.

Notable Wildlife Sightings: many Roseate Spoonbills, American White Pelican (thank you Suzanne for identifying!) and many other birds that Suzanne will have to add to the list. A fawn, a raccoon eating a hamburger, spiders, scorpions and black beetles.

Campsite: 50 at Nails Creek Unit, the best campsite in the park!

Camp Lunch: Quiche (Kelly)

Camp Dinner: Pasta, pesto and summer garden veggies (Bettina) and Couscous (Suzanne)

On the road back to Austin breakfast: Cafe 290

Gear to add to list: Mallet for driving tent stakes, rain jacket




Buescher State Park

Destination: Buescher State Park

Date: March 16th and 17th, 2013

Travel Time from Austin: 1 hour

Participants: Bettina, Kelly,  Maria

Saturday Hike: Main Trail and the Pine Gulch Loop – together 5.6 miles

Sunday: We brought our bikes and rode towards Bastrop State Park

Notable Wildlife Sightings: A big snake that was hanging out next to the lake  – Kelly nearly stepped on it.

Campsites: 57 and 58

Camp Lunch: all kinds of goodies

Camp Dinner: homemade lentil soup (Kelly)


Inks Lake State Park

Destination: Inks Lake State Park

Date: February 16 and 17, 2013

Travel Time from Austin: 1.15 hours

Participants: Bettina,  Judy, Maria

Saturday Hike:  Started at the trail head and did the medium loop – around 5-6 miles

Sunday Hike: Explored around the lake

Notable Wildlife Sightings:  can’t remember . . .

Campsite:  Cabin 13  (Thanks Maria!!) – some slept in the cabin (it was freezing cold), some pitched a tent around the cabin (plenty of space)

Camp Lunch:  Mix and Match

Camp Dinner: Squash soup from a box (Whole Foods)


Russell Park at Lake Georgetown

Destination: Russel Park at Lake Georgetown

Date: February 19 and 20th, 2013

Travel Time from Austin: 50 minutes

Participants: Bettina,  Judy, Kelly, Maria

Saturday Hike:  Down to the lake and then north on the trailGood Waterloop of the San Gabriel River Trail at Lake Georgetown”. It is a 28 mile loop that goes all the way around the Lake Georgetown

Sunday Hike: Down to the lake and then south on the trail

Campsite:  15 (or 17?)  –  nice view of the lake

Camp Lunch:  Mix and Match

Camp Dinner: Tomato Soup